Oversized Everyday Household Objects

Spanish sculptor and artist Romulo Celdran (born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1973) makes hyper-realistic oversized versions of everyday household objects.

Romulo says that his series entitled ‘Macro’ “act as camera lens, graduating the scale of measurements with which we perceive what we look at and breaking down the correspondence between the real size of an objects and the size that we perceive depending on how far away from it we are. It acts as a kind of traditional magnifying glass that draws us closer to the object worthy of observation even when we keep an appropriate distance in order to view it.”

“The concept of ‘Macro’ give the object new dimensions, strengthening its presence and inviting us to explore it, discovering hidden spaces and unnoticed nooks. It breaks down the physical laws that govern our logic as observers and place us before a growing world

20 Incredible Eye Macros

Are you ready to look into the second most complex organs besides brains?

Are your ready to look at the mirror of the soul so close, maybe even close enough to see the soul?


After seeing these photos, you will never look at the human eyes the same way, nor at the fly eyes.